Maximize Human Potential

Our mission is to make it easier for people to serve each other in ways that add purpose & meaning to their lives

Distributed team with a shared vision

Jolly is headquartered in Austin, TX with remote team members around the world. Our company is focused on maximizing human potential by enabling people to serve each other more easily, and in ways that add purpose and meaning to their lives.

We're a diverse group with a shared vision for the future of work: a world where anyone can get anything done by the people they trust, and everyone can easily provide service to their community.

What we're into

We're active participants in the Time Well Spent movement (if you're in Austin, we coordinate Austin's Time Well Spent Meetup, so please join!), we value diversity and inclusivity, and we strive to reflect in our own product the beauty of the world around us.

We love our hometown of Austin, Texas, and we love meeting new people with different ideas and talented teams building awesome products. If you want to meet us, or if you're interested in working on Jolly:

What matters to us

The Jolly team is focused on making it easier for people to serve each other. We believe the following values, when used to guide decision making, best support our mission:


Together with our tens of thousands of users, we're creating a better future for gig workers and the organizations that rely on them.

Shelby Stephens

Founder, CEO

Zach Fragapane

Founder, Head of Product

Ronak Gothi

Senior Engineer


Douglas Ferguson

Fractional CTO

Lisa Hickey


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We love meeting new people who care about the role technology plays in our lives and who share our passion for building an inclusive future of work.