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Jolly is headquartered in Austin, TX with remote team members around the world working together to build the Trust Economy. Jolly has been truly "co-created" alongside a team of over 30 independent workers and freelancers (programmers, designers, writers and more) with guidance and feedback from over half of our initial 40,000 beta users.

We're active participants in the Time Well Spent movement and advocates for Humane Technology (if you're in Austin, we coordinate Austin's Time Well Spent Meetup, so please join!). We value diversity and inclusivity, and we strive to reflect in our own product the beauty of the world around us. Together with our tens of thousands of users, we're creating a better future for freelancers and the businesses that are ready to join the Trust Economy.

Shelby Stephens

Founder, CEO

Some may call Shelby an idealist, but there’s a humble pragmatism that pervades everything he touches. Put simply: He wants to shift the collective understanding of what it means to work.

Shelby believes that many of us are stuck playing by rules created by people who don’t share our values. But we can change those rules! Before we embark on this journey, we must first invite in a fresh new perspective that prioritizes how we go about working and being of service, rather than focusing on what we want to achieve. That subtle shift aligns our work with our personal values, freeing us from systems that don’t enable us to live meaningful and rewarding lives.

With a background in physics and engineering, and a passion for music and the arts, Shelby began his career in strategic communications and software development. His consistent conviction to maximize human potential eventually led him to found Jolly. It’s just one intentional step of many that Shelby hopes will create a life that is an inflection point in the chart of human progress. Through Jolly, Shelby envisions a world of human awesomeness where we are able to find meaning by serving others in ways that are synchronistic with our personal values.

This is why he co-created Jolly and why he believes in breaking down barriers to usher in the age of the Trust Economy.

Thought of as gregarious and fun with positivity and creativity that is utterly infectious by his co-founder and dear friend Zach Fragapane. Zach shares, “Shelby truly is the embodiment of a 21st-century leader. He is driven by principles that are made obvious through his unwavering convictions in each decision he makes.”

Zach Fragapane

Founder, Head of Product

Zach just might be the happiest revolutionary you have ever met, but that’s because he has a clear vision for building the infrastructure to break the rules and for welcoming a generation of workers (and people!) who feel abundantly more free.

Zach believes that happy people make the best rebels. It’s those joyous groups of nameless people who have changed the course of history, built our cities, and upheld innovation at every stage. For true innovation to occur, you must break the rules. And for Zach, he’s eager to create the framework within which individuals can come together as an enlightened collective who can find that spark of magic that’s inevitable when true and free connection can happen.

Before deciding to dedicate his time to Jolly, Zach worked extensively in SEO and project management. He sees his purpose within Jolly as a way to demonstrate that lasting change requires devoted communities and coordinated action. And he’s willing to put it all on the line in order to help other groups of people succeed.

This is why he co-created Jolly and why he believes in enabling people to work together in structures and environments that honor the individual while also promoting the collective.

Thought of as open-hearted, honest and with a sincere desire to be of service by his co-founder and dear friend Shelby Stephens, Zach is just the person you want designing software—a human with a huge heart and a conscience who considers all of the other people his creation will impact. He is a rare leader who is immensely intelligent, and who also knows how to have a two-sided dialogue that is peppered with inquiry, interest in the other, and copious laughs.

Ronak Gothi

Senior Engineer


Douglas Ferguson

Fractional CTO

Lisa Hickey


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Jolly helps connect independent workers and businesses, so we can build the Trust Economy together. We are tens of thousands of members strong, and growing. Here are a few of the movements and ideas that inspire our team:

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