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“Jolly helps me list out my services so they’re purchasable, right then and there”

— SQ

"More predictable income month to month"

— MG

“It’s a great way for me to offer a “menu” of services to potential clients. I like being able to sell my services to interested parties without talking to them first.

— RP

"Easy way to charge for services and look professional."

— AW

“Using Jolly helps me think about more marketable services that I could offer.”

— R

"Professional and clean looking. And easy to use."

— JA

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"Working with Maggie is amazing. She has the unique ability to get right to the core of the business, the mission, the vision, and then translate that into a content strategy that will engage customers. We love Maggie!"

Shelby S. from Austin, TX

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1. Get your page 👋 Give people an easy way to buy from you

2. Add service packages 💰Sell any skill, offer, service, package or content right on your Jolly page

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3. Share with everyone 🚀by email, social, embedding, etc. to get visitors and make sales

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Jolly equips you with a public store to instantly start selling flat fee offers, subscription offers, service packages, recurring services, retainers, monthly packages, weekly content, recurring consultations, anything! On your Jolly page, you can sell: Flat fee offers · Subscription offers · Single-purchase services · Workshops · Consulting · Monthly coaching · Video or phone consultations · Individual deliverables · Courses · Downloads · Get creative!

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✔️ Unlimited offers & sales

✔️ Unlimited customers & leads

✔️ Built-in store analytics

✔️ Sell all types of offers

✔️ Sell subscriptions

✔️ Capture leads

✔️ Customer messaging

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Is Jolly right for me?

If you want to sell services online, Jolly is for you. You're in the right place if you're excited about being able to list out your services and make them purchasable, right then and there. You'll have everything laid out in one professional-looking page, from your pricing and services all the way to testimonials and recommendations from your past clients.

What all does Jolly enable me to do?

Jolly enables you to make your skills and services purchasable. Jolly enables you to offer a "menu" of services to potential clients. You can sell any service, content or package directly to interested parties without talking to them first. It's a simple and professional way for you to get paid by clients and expose them to your other products and offering.

Why do entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers love Jolly?

Freelancers love Jolly because it turns visitors into buyers and leads. Using Jolly will help you think of more marketable services you can offer. You'll love the no-fluff layout and how incredibly simple it is to create and sell new offerings.

What if I can't drive enough visitors to my Jolly page?

Driving visitors is easier than you expect, and we have your back. Check out these resources and detailed recommendations about how you can use your own network—the people you already know today—to increase sales on your Jolly page.

Will visitors like the style of my Jolly page, compared to my regular website pages?

Yes. But, don't take it from us—take it from one of our happy customers: "I didn't know whether visitors would like the streamlined style of my Jolly site compared to my regular websites landing pages. On those I'm able to explain more services and fill it up with more "fluff." I like that Jolly strips all of that and I'm looking forward to capturing more leads with Jolly than before. And being able to capture the payment right away, too."

How is Jolly different from my personal website?

Jolly is specifically designed to turn visitors into leads and customers. All the content on your personal website is nice to showcase your personality, but when it comes to making a sale, your Jolly page will perform. Moreover, visitors to your website can't actually buy something from you directly on the page. Jolly is your online store to sell services (or any other way you want to package your skills, like content downloads, courses, etc.). Sure, you could incur the cost and hassle of integrating e-commerce into your personal website, but it won’t come with all the powerful tools Jolly offers, like the ability to sell weekly or monthly subscriptions, the ability to request and capture customer recommendations, and more.

How is Jolly different from other online store platforms?

Other online store platforms are designed for selling physical products, not services. All freelancers know that selling services is much different from selling physical products. Jolly is specifically designed to sell services and other skill-based offers. It’s simple, easy-to-use and flexible: you can sell flat-fee offers, weekly recurring packages, monthly recurring packages, capture leads, and more. Why not use the tool built specifically for what you need to do? Jolly is like hammering a nail with a hammer. Other platforms are like hammering a nail with a screwdriver.

How is Jolly different from marketplaces like Toptal, Upwork or Fiverr?

Marketplaces can bring you customers, but the price is enormous. You will be competing in an ocean of other freelancers for every job, driving prices down in a “race to the bottom.” Then, even when you do make a sale, marketplaces take a massive cut of your earnings—usually 20% or more—even though you did all the work. On the other hand, Jolly will not automatically bring you customers—it’s up to you to promote your Jolly page to drive visitors and sales—but we will never take a cut of your earnings. When visitors come to your Jolly page, we will never promote other competing freelancers. Your page is your page, where you can offer and sell whatever you want at the price that works for you and your customers.

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