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Jolly gives freelance marketers high converting pages to sell consulting services 👉 Just $5/month and zero commission fees!

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"Working with Maggie is amazing. She has the unique ability to get right to the core of the business, the mission, the vision, and then translate that into a content strategy that will engage customers. We love Maggie!"

Shelby S. from Austin, TX

"More predictable income month to month"

"Since launching on Jolly, I'm already thinking about innovative ways to offer new services. The subscription-style model is especially appealing to me, as I think towards a more sustainable future with more predictable income month to month."

— Maggie G.

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How it works

1. Start a page 👋 Give people an easy way to pay you for your services

2. Add service packages 💰Sell any skill, service, package or content right on your Jolly page

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3. Share with everyone 🚀by email, social, embedding, etc. to get visitors and make sales

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Freelance Marketers · Marketing Consultants · Strategy Consultants · Paid Ads Specialists · Content Strategists · Writers · Creators · All types of freelance service providers

Jolly enables freelancers like you to instantly start selling recurring services, monthly packages, weekly content, recurring consultations, anything! On your Jolly page, you can sell: Subscription packages · Single-purchase services · Workshops · Consulting · Monthly coaching · Video or phone consultations · Individual deliverables · Courses · Downloads · Get creative!

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Jolly gives freelancers customizable pages to instantly generate leads and start selling services with 0% commission fees.

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Sell your services and get paid with zero commission fees

Unlike other platforms who take a cut of your hard-earned income, we never take a cut when you sell a service on Jolly. The only fee you pay is the standard Stripe credit card processing fee of 2.9% plus 35¢ per transaction.

One Plan,

Everything Included

$5 per month

0% commission fees

We never take a cut of your earnings!

✔️ Unlimited sales pages

✔️ Sell any service: subscription, flat-fee, etc.

✔️ Personal Jolly page with custom URL

✔️ Capture leads on any page

✔️ Add custom links to page

✔️ No delay on your payments

✔️ Sharing and promotion tools

✔️ Page analytics

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