How a new entrepreneur used Jolly to quickly increase her income

Jenny Alperin used a Jolly store to creatively package her services and sell them online

Jenny Alperin

CEO & Founder

RosePOP Parties

“Once I realized I could sell my services and products on my online Jolly store, I had a platform I could easily send potential buyers to and I quickly increased my earnings.”


Nearly $1,000 sold within weeks of rolling out new offers

Quickly diversified income streams with new offers

Opened up new advertising and promotional channels after making offers “purchasable” on a Jolly store

Thought of new, creative offers after setting up a Jolly store

Benefits of Using Jolly

Launch new offers to customers and quickly test them

Make it easy for customers to buy services online

List a “menu” of services in a clean and professional way

Link directly to specific offers from anywhere on the web

Promote offers using ads and other digital channels

The Courageous Soul: Jenny Alperin

Launching an independent career in the midst of a pandemic

Jenny Alperin is an independent event producer based in Austin. With a background in event production and services, Jenny typifies the courage so many freelancers and entrepreneurs have: she launched an event services business right in the midst of a pandemic that all but eliminated live events!

While she initially targeted corporate events, during the pandemic she found a sweet spot providing wedding planning services. Meanwhile, she knew she needed to diversify her income with new offerings. If you want to hear her whole story, check out this podcast.

The Challenge

It’s a lot harder to sell, if you don’t make it easy for people to buy from you

Jenny came to Jolly initially because she wanted a professional way for her clients to pay her directly, without anyone taking a commission from her earnings. She’d been paid through Venmo in the past, which wasn’t professional enough for corporate clients and wasn’t a good solution for selling services to people she didn’t already know.

Jenny didn’t have a way to package up her services so they could be easily purchased online:

“Before Jolly, there would have to be too much back-and-forth with customers, and many would have decided not to buy.”

— Jenny Alperin, CEO & Founder, RosePOP Parties

Not having an online store to sell her services was preventing Jenny from truly promoting and marketing her offerings:

“I just wasn’t sure how to promote my services. Without an easy way for people to purchase services from me, it’s not worth it to put money into marketing. My desire to present something that looks professional and non-scammy made me hesitate to promote.”

— Jenny Alperin, CEO & Founder, RosePOP Parties

Without a professional way to sell her services online, Jenny couldn’t effectively promote her services. And when you can’t effectively promote your services, you can’t effectively grow your business.

The Solution

Use a Jolly store to sell bite-sized packages online

Jenny realized that with Jolly, she could now create bite-sized packages for anyone to buy from her, without necessarily needing to speak with customers beforehand.

Having sold a range of services from wedding planning to marketing services in the past, it was a real breath of fresh air to begin selling packaged services that didn’t always require a conversation before closing the sale!

“I immediately thought, ‘This would be so much easier if I just sell this on Jolly.’ It’s so simple, so straightforward. I can link them directly to a specific product. They’re not having to email me and go back and forth about payment.”

— Jenny Alperin, CEO & Founder, RosePOP Parties

Since Jolly made it so easy for Jenny to package up her skills and services, she started thinking of new creative offerings she might test with her customers. One of these creative ideas was “Events in a Box” which she could sell directly to her customers. With Jolly, she had this idea launched into the market in mere minutes.

Now, her sales have really picked up, especially by promoting seasonal offers to her customers. It was clear that customers love being able to understand and buy packaged services on the web.

“Jolly is really easy to use. It enables me to sell products and services to people who I’m not having a conversation with. It’s an easier way for me to sell products to people—for people to buy them.”

— Jenny Alperin, CEO & Founder, RosePOP Parties

The Results

A new trajectory for Jenny's independent career

Within just weeks of setting up the first offers on her Jolly store, Jenny had already earned nearly $1,000 from the sales. Jenny loves that she only pays standard credit card processing fees: Jolly doesn’t take a cut of her earnings.

By selling these new, creative offers on her Jolly store, Jenny diversified her income streams, bringing more stability to her independent career.

Making it easy for her customers to buy from here had a bigger impact than just increasing sales. Since customers could purchase directly from her Jolly store, Jenny felt empowered to begin promoting and marketing her offers on the web.

I feel a lot more equipped to promote my offerings with Facebook Groups, ads, and email marketing, because I have a store for customers to go to. The fact that people can buy things directly from my Jolly page makes me feel more comfortable promoting my services on the web.”

— Jenny Alperin, CEO & Founder, RosePOP Parties

From here, Jenny loves thinking of new offers she could sell on her Jolly store. She can quickly test and launch new offers to customers with her awesome online menu of services that appears “professional and clean” to her customers. And, she loves that Jolly is “easy to use.”

“I think Jolly is great for small business owners, or anybody trying to sell services. Starting out, having something affordable, clean-looking and easy to use. It’s really nice for anyone who’s starting out and selling services, especially if you want to sell subscriptions.”

— Jenny Alperin, CEO & Founder, RosePOP Parties

At Jolly, we love seeing passionate and courageous entrepreneurs like Jenny using Jolly to increase their income, make more sales and build a more stable independent career. Nice job, Jenny — we're excited to see your continued growth!

Jenny Alperin

CEO & Founder

RosePOP Parties

“Because my offers on my Jolly page look legitimate, clean and easy, my customers are more likely to buy.”

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